Web Services

BC Media and Associates offers Web Services to augment our Television Advertisement and Radio advertisers. The BC Media Digital Team has compiled web services to give your business an edge over standard advertising. By coupling our web services with traditional advertising you’ll have multiple ways of re-marketing to interested buyers of your product or service.

Web Services

For example, lets say you are running a Radio campaign enticing listeners to call in. As a result, listeners only have one option to engage you. But what if you gave them another option? Would you get a better ROI if you gave more information without the commitment of a phone call?

The answer is definitely. Just the addition of a landing page can lead to a pipeline conversion. Follow up with re-marketing ads and email to keep your message in front of your audience longer. Naturally, the more your message is shown to a user the better your chances of conversion.

All of our web services are meant to support our Radio, TV and Streaming advertising service but we can help with all your digital needs, regardless if you use traditional advertising or not.

Campaign Landing Pages

Having campaign landing pages is a great way to pre-convert sales. Chances are you are looking to BC Media for Radio, Television or Streaming Advertising however don’t forget your digital presence. Today when people see or hear your advertisement their reaction generally is to follow up online. Be it a mobile device, phone or computer, a campaign landing page allows companies to reinforce the marketing message and call to action.
Great For:
– Radio, TV and Streaming campaigns
– Event pages such as concerts or reunions
– Referral links

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are gaining popularity. In short a sales funnel is considered a single web page that’s sole focus is to close the sale. Details here are getting the user excited about your product with a buildup of benefits and results leading to a blatant request to buy. We offer proven ways to sell your product or service using sales funnel techniques.
Great For:
– E-Books
– Plans or drawings
– Event ticket sales
– Special retail offers

Full Website Design

Having full website design business website, even if you consider it an online business card, is essential. Another ranking reason to have a website is owning your content. Uploading pictures of your work or a detailed article to your own website means you have complete control over your business information. Full website design allows you to have control of your business information online, operating as a digital central hub for your business.
Great For:
– All businesses
– Online central hub
– E-commerce / online bill payment
– Archiving content such as blogs
– Monetization

SEO Services

SEO Services is a slow steady climb to the top. Keywords, content and regularity are three of many factors when it comes to true SEO services. Our SEO process takes your online presence through an analysis process; comparing your business to your competitors. Then we make recommendations based on your search rank expectation and length of time for SEO Services. Presently we request a minimum of a 3 month commitment for SEO Services.
Great For:
– All businesses
– Sustained, stable growth
– Companion to digital ad campaigns
– Indexing products and services

Google Ads

(formerly Adwords)
A great way to kick off any business is Google Ads. With just about any steady weekly budget we can generate a campaign that will put you front and center of Google search results. Implementing Google Ads takes research on you and your competitors then matches data with budget to project results. Unlike SEO Services, Google Ads have no lasting effect. This means when you 100% control the length of the campaign.
Great For:
– 30 day response
– Short term advertising solution
– Adjustable budgets
– Niche markets

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a service offered by request. BC Media has the ability to create and post to any Digital Media feed on your behalf. Compared to the opposite, opting for Social Media management with any campaign will enhance the ROI if only for search results. Regular posting will also boost rank. While it will not get your commercial to run more often on the radio on the other hand it will make you far easier to find. For that reason we recommend regular social posts during any paid advertising campaign
Great For:
– Planed sales and events
– Search ranking of you web pages
– Direct customer engagement
– Damage control

Why Web Services With BC Media?

Web Services with BC Media first and foremost keeps all your advertising in one place. Equally importantly, saving you time and money. Additionally, trust the Digital Team to produce an online image that will mirror your current advertising theme. Our goal is to provide the impact that converts.

Contact BC Media Digital Team for analysis on your current online presence and how we can improve it.

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