Best Radio Advertising

BC Media is Best Radio Advertising Company in United States. In our Blog Posts, we show how FM radio is still a thriving industry for better and direct advertisement. Because of this, radio advertisement is among the top ways to advertise your products or services, recruit new employees or promote your upcoming event. For recruitment, one can hire BC Media & Associates for radio recruitment advertising services. The radio waves are alive with listeners, listeners that are waiting to engage with your business.

How BC Media Offers Best Radio Advertising Services

Lower Radio Advertising cost

BC Media reps are veterans in radio advertising. Thus we enjoy offering lower radio advertising costs to our customers on prime time radio segments. Combining longstanding relationships with radio stations across the US and time-saving technology, that’s number one .

Radio Listener Demographic Selection

Offering the lower radio advertising costs without proper radio listener demographic selection would be wrong. That is why you can trust that your radio message will be heard by the correct ears. So, what is the RLDS (Radio Listener Demographic Selection)? RLDS is the process BC Media runs each clients target needs through. For instance, a truck driver recruiting radio commercial might sound a little strange on a radio station playing dance music at 3 am. Likewise, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation radio commercial isn’t really suited for a Sunday morning religious radio show. Remember RLDS … we’ll bring it up later.

The BC Media ROI Guarantee

Better Radio Advertising isn’t just some catchy phrase. We back that phrase with “The BC Media ROI Guarantee”!

Our ROI Guarantee simply states that you will get a return on investment for your radio advertisement when you choose BC Media. Contact Us to find out the details, pricing for your RLDS and get a guaranteed ROI on your radio investment upon approval.

Common Question: Can you still advertise on AM radio? The answer is YES and you SHOULD~

Radio Commercial Voice Creation

Let BC Media handle your radio spots include Radio Commercial Ads Creation at no additional charge. As part of the “Associates” in BC Media and Associates, we retain professional voice-over talent and professional studio quality recordings. Many of our professional voice staff you will recognize when you hear them. And for good reason, our team truly is professionals so seeing our work is not uncommon. We’re proud that!

Radio Commercial Script Creation

Not sure how to present your product, service or offer to radio listeners? No problem. Tell your us that you need to create a script for your radio commercial. The we will retrieve all of the necessary information about your business and message. Then she or he will assign matching professionals and deliver a message that will convert listeners into customers. Yet again, BC Media takes care of your radio advertisement, the end to end, with total transparency.

Call Contact Tracking

Request Call Contact Tracking be added to your radio spot. Call monitoring is important when it comes to certain industries. Take our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation example from earlier. Monitoring response is critical to the Rehabilitation industry. Knowing that the potential rehab patient was properly qualified its key. Having access to call contact tracking has larger implications as well. For instance, caller conversion, are the right questions being asked at the call center level of your radio campaign? Is further training needed to increase conversion rate? Granted drug rehabilitation advertising isn’t about sales, it’s about helping people recover. Truly useful analytics for your business.

So … Who Are These Radio Advertising Services For?

Literally, any business can advertise on AM, FM, or Streaming Radio. Sure, we knock it out of the park for our advanced radio advertising clients but we also cater to small to medium business budgets as well. Call Us with the question about radio advertising even if you don’t think you have the marketing budget. You may be surprised at how low local FM radio advertising is for small and medium business.

Examples are awesome. Let’s say you have a local safety supply store selling commercial OSHA supplies. While you may not have the marketing budget of the nationwide safety supply chains, you can own your city and region with targeted radio advertising. Canvas radio advertising to qualified business owners is always possible through talk radio spots.

Did you know .. even though a popular radio show may be nationally syndicated, local business can still play targeted radio commercials!

With a radio advertising service list as seen above, you can get a sense that we are different from the traditional media company. We combine the best to deliver the best. Large, small and everywhere in between, BC Media, Better Radio Advertising, period.

Recent Radio Advertising Trends

Last year we discussed the current employment trend in US. Mainly the need for quality, skilled labor. Coast to coast help wanted signs are in windows; the radio waves are the same. Recruiting for almost every industry is on the rise. Transportation in all aspects from order pickers, forklift drivers and truck drivers. To date our clients looking to recruit labor with radio advertising all have one common thread, “We’re looking for people with a willingness to learn.”.

Now apply the above common thread, recruiting through radio and RLDS. Morning, noon and rush hour radio slots are lighting up with radio commercials encouraging commuters to switch careers, many times offering paid training and sign on bonuses. Having this experience gives the BC Media team an advantage when it comes to commercial creation, production, launch and follows through.

The Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation industry is another that has seen a large boom. People are moving away from prescription drugs just as much as hard drugs. Another interesting fact, many companies offer substance abuse counseling and rehabilitation as part of employee insurance packages. That said, people need options for substance rehabilitation. Consider this a welcome to all Drug and Substance Rehabilitation facilities, Please contact us so we can help you help users recover.

Radio recruitment advertising can help employers to reach the best talent if you need to reach a wide audience, try radio recruitment advertising. Here’s everything you need to know to leverage radio recruitment visit

Using Radio To Build your Brand

Get this, The Internet advertises on the Radio! Yeah, I know, crazy right!?
Today more than ever it is easier to sell anything online. If you can make it, or buy it, you can sell it on the internet. Websites like Etsy*, eBay* and Amazon* allow you to go through the entire selling process from your mobile phone. Targeted radio advertising locally will have a far greater impact in conjunction with other forms of advertising your business does. Think outside the box and use the radio to build your e-commerce .com locally before jumping national.

Have you coined your business jingle?
At its core branding is cohesive marketing. Potential customers hear the same message a few times and they will be whistling your tune. As the writer to the reader, I’m sure you can think of more than one business tune. Here in Chicago land, Empire Carpet is a brand absolutely everyone in knows. What’s better is the jingle is their phone number! Brilliant!

Better Radio Advertising. BC Media and Associates is all about it. Innovative structure, full-service radio commercial ads creation, and end to end call tracking. We look forward to customizing a radio advertising campaign to accelerate your business to where you know it can be.


Now the only question is how would you like to contact us?

* BC Media and Associates is not associated with the mentioned company. We make no claims other than referencing a household name.