Creative & Analytics for Radio Advertisement and TV Advertisement

Creative & Analytics for Radio and TV Advertisement

Because we supply Creative and Analytics BC Media and Associates already has your solution for Direct Response Advertising, Digital Media ,Television Advertisement. We coordinate the creative aspects, like script writing and voice over, then supply analytics tracking to show campaign progress.


Being creative is paramount. The business message needs to be memorable both visually and audibly. Our Creative services are here for support in the event that you do not have experience producing radio, TV  advertisements.

Script Writing

First step in creating a Direct Response Advertising, Digital Media ,Television Advertisement is quality script writing. Using words to convey your message is easy. What makes better quality script writing is making you memorable. Examples of memorable script writing are all around you, everyday. To demonstrate, think about bologna. Another is “Don’t Squeeze”. Both examples have been memorable advertisements for decades.

Radio and TV Production

Now that we have a script we can move to radio and TV production. We have an experienced team for end to end TV and radio commercial production. In some cases we can produce your commercial within 48 hours! BC Media can also select actors and voice overs giving streamline radio and TV production.

Outdoor and Print Production

Like our other creative services, Outdoor and Print Production is available. Be it billboard, bus stop, or direct mail BC Media has the design team to make every print look great. Of course we can incorporate live and still models, logos and text to create stunning visual print media.


Gain real insight into your marketing campaign with our analytics. Expect a regular report on how your advertisement is performing. Using analytics collected we target future campaigns with greater response.

Call Tracking

For campaigns requesting direct response via telephone we offer call tracking. All tracking happens in real time and includes a full call recording feature. Call tracking is highly valuable not only as a campaign gauge. Moreover, tracking and recording gives clients the opportunity to coach phone representatives for increased conversions.

ROI Reports

Giving clients transparency into their marketing campaign via ROI Reports is what sets BC Media apart. We want our clients to see, in real time, that their investment has a sensible return. Again, our goal in your success using our products and services.

Media Monitors Reports

Media Monitors Reports give clients a view into the core data of advertisements. Attention to industry details analyzing Media Monitors Reports gives clients significantly more accurate projections. While the reports are technical, we digest them for our clients by request.

Competitive Analysis

Even though you can get numbers and charts, explanation, clarity and honesty is what sets BC Media and Associates apart. Being that we are on your side through the media buying experience, at the center of what we do is ensure our clients are getting the highest ROI.